Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome Back to CCN @ LaGuardia!

CCN LaGuardia is BACK!

It's another semester @ LCC for the The Word of God to be taught and preached...

NEW TIME & DATE! Tuesdays @ 9AM - Start Your Day Off Right With CCN!

Kick-Off Fellowship on Tuesday, January 22nd!

We pray that you enjoyed your Christmas break. But, now it's time for you to come back out and enjoy:

  • Learning The Word of God
  • Learning how to spread the Gospel to the lost
  • Learning how to defend the faith (i.e. witnessing to Muslims, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, etc.)
  • and going out and doing it!

We also look forward to enjoying some great Christian fellowship with you!

And now, team, we have some extra exciting NEWS for you!

This semester, CCN has a new Campus Leader!

Who is it? None other than Hector Sanchez, an experienced open-air preacher and soul winner!

Come join Hector and the team for CHANGE Collegian Network!

Kick-Off Date: Tuesday, January 22nd @ 9AM - Start Your Day Off Right With CCN!

Location: M Buidling Cafeteria [Red Room]

For more info, contact Hector:

DON'T MISS OUT! See you there!