Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CCN LaGuardia Fellowship now on Thursday

Hey CCner's

Grace and love from God to you all. I hope everyone is doing well. Next week we say hello to spring and good riddance to winter. I want to you inform you some changes,this weeks lesson and an encouraging story. CCN fellowships will now be held on Thursdays from 1-3pm. This weelk we will discuss "Making Grace Amazing". Please join me as learn together on what makes Grace so amazing.

Fellowships: Thursday's
Time: 1-3pm
Location- Cafeteria

May this testimony encourage you all.

On Monday night I meet up with Brother's Gary, Calvin at 42nd times sq, to preach the gospel.I handed out tracts as Gary and others proclaimed Gods word.. It was an awesome night that ended with us ministering to a man named Ryan. Ryan was searching and trying do please God but he is bondage to alcohol. We prayed with him and we all went out to eat and continued to minister to Ryan.
We encouraged him not to go by what others tell you, nor trust in your feelings(heart is deceitful )

We read him Ephesians 2 and tried to explain to him what the context was saying. It was tough, because he needs to learn to be slow to speak and quick to listen.. He is homeless and apparently has a warrant. He tried to turn himself in yesterday but was turned away. He told us about a program that he was going to, to help him with his alcohol problems. I pray he reads the Bible and knowns that if the Son sets you free you are free indeed.

On our way back home Gary began to preach on the a and D train. It was very powerful, people though looked annoyed(because it was late) listen to the message. He preached on Noah and the Fload and the sinfulness of man.hen i got to preach on the next cart. I preached from Luke 16, about the Rich man and Lazarus, and i asked the question "what if today was your last day here on earth" When preaching the gospel it is always a win win situation!

God Bless
Nick, Campus Leader