Monday, November 19, 2007


1. Come out on Wednesday and meet the President of CHANGE Collegian Network, Tiffany, who is coming out to support the Christian Club and to meet the CCN Members at LaGuardia!

2. On Wednesday, Christian Club Ministries will be having a great outreach! Come out and put what you have learned in class to the test by joining us! It will take place in the Lobby of the E-Building (the entrance, by the security office). We will have tables set up, where we can freely speak to everyone about the Gospel. Please come out and share the gospel. It is your reasonable service. If you are somewhat shy about sharing your faith, this will definetly help you. See you then!

3. Sad news: CCN meeting for this Friday is cancelled due to Thanksgiving. Don't stop sharing the gospel! Take this opportunity to share with your family the wonders of the gospel message. It is why we are most thankful!

Brothers remember that for some odd reason people seem to be more open to the things of God in the holidays! Here are some great ides you can use to reach people with the Gospel:
1. Give out Lollipops with a Gospel tracts attached!
2. Invite people to holidays events in your church!
3. Make a great thanksgiving dinner, invite your friends and share the gospel with them!
4. If you are invited to a thanksgiving dinner, tell everyone how thankful you are for the gospel! If they don't know what it is... you get to tell them.

Come on! Let's remember to preach the gospel in season and out of season. The holidays is a great season for everyone else but remember that a Christian never stops working!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007



That's right! Last week's meeting was so profound as we looked into scripture and learned about the sinfulness of man! It was so good that we didn't want to end it! We thank God for his WORD!

Get ready for tomorrow people! Sebastian and I are going to double team to give you the best of the best!

I will continue to go with you through the Bible, simply teaching straight out of the book!

Sebastian is also bringing a special teaching about the message of the modern church... does it include your church? Check it out!

Please be there on time! It is extremely important that you arrive at 2pm (exemptions apply if you are working). We are going to start right on time and we don't want you to miss it!


Tomorrow, we are having CCN Saturday at Iglesia Nueva Vida! It is only 15 minutes from LaGuardia. This is a special day that you dedicate to the LORD! You will be receiving a word, prayer, worship and of course, we will out and preach the gospel.

I thank those who made the commitment of coming out and I pray that I will see you there at 10:30 AM.


Thursday, November 8, 2007



Listen up laborers! The time has come to reach out around your school! You are all ready to come and join in a day of fasting, prayer, fellowship and of course... Witenssing!

All the students from other schools, who are learning how to preach the gospel just like you, are coming to Queens to meet you, pray with you and preach with you. Please see the attached file for information!

Save the date!

Click to enlarge!

Click here for directions!,-73.907089&spn=0.060209,0.1157

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

everyone at the frontline!!

Last week was full of sursprises! first of all it was such an awesome surprise to see how the Holy Spirit lead a new memeber to our club called Nathan, he grow up in a afamily with no religion background therefore he considers himself an atheist but he was willing to learn more about God and wanting to have a relationship with Him (praise the Lord!) the onther surprise was for our club members: we took them to the frontlines! well, in this case the 7 train! we bombed the train with the gospel for the first time, yup, noting better than to gather around hear a little one on one on mp3 and then put it into practice... and that's exactly what our sister jennifer did, she boldly preached the gospel right there on the 7 train "u go girl!" We hope and pray to God to see all of our members to preach the biblical gospel boldly and affectevely and of course they always know that we'll always be right behind them we love them and appreciate them very very much!... Praise the Lord for your lives!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Last week Christian Club Ministries had an AWESOME OUTREACH!! It was amazing! LaGuardia had the priviledge of having a whole Christian event in the Atrium (which is were most people are gathered). It was here that our brother Dennis was able to bring a powerful gospel message to everyone who wanted to come and hear!

It was so powerful! The funny thing is that is was soooo loud!! And it is allowed! This is the only college that I have seen, that allows the Christians to be loud about the gospel without complain! If people do complain, the authorities are actually on our side! We all just bless God for the Chirstian Club and the amazing work being done to reach the lost!

Besides that, there were members from the club who danced, did some poetry and sang! All for the LORD and for everyone to hear!

Of course we also had the chance to speak to people personally about the LORD. Jenny actually did a great job in bringing people to our table who wanted to know if they were going to heaven! We thank God for you Jenny!

One of those people was Antonio: I had a very good conversation with him about the afterlife... He admitted that he was lost and needed a saviour... Let's pray that He will repent and trust in Jesus.

Can't wait for the December event! Be on the lookout for that! Get ready to continue to preach the gospel!

"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine." 2 Timothy 4:2

The holy Spirit is ssooo good! We have to admit last week we almost didn't have a class! Unfortunately our brother Jonathan forgot the lessons of the Way of the Master, we didn't have any teaching material! but God is so good the He provided an mp3 from The Way of the Master Radio, "Terrified." We were able to hear an encouraging witness encounter where Todd Friel witnesses to a Christian who disagree on biblical evangelism. It is so good to be biblical because we can seea well bible- based witness. You should have seen, (well in this case hear) the many times this Christian woman supposedly concern for the souls contradicted herself with her statements and Todd patiently and kindly guided her thrugh scripture to show her the biblical way to present the gospel... and that's exactly what we do here! We learn the biblical gospel so we can share it with every creature.

Last week's meeting was awesome! We heard some nice one on one preaching and we reviewed the function of the law, here are some pictures of this radicals... enjoy!