Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Love of Christ at LaGuardia

It was as rainy day and Jasmine, and I got our tracts ready, and hit the halls of LaGuardia College. Jasmine began speaking to two young girls, one didn't believe in God, and the other was more open and listening. When conviction set in, that when they had to go. After that encounter we began to walk the halls and just pass out tracts.

We then had a encounter with a guy named Rolan. Jasmine handed him a gospel tract, and upon Rolan saying he was a good person, she Jasmine began to take him through the law. It was a long conversation, that had as going through so many rabbit trails. Rolan insist on making excuses to justify himself that he was good. He tried to use circumstances such as if someone killed your mother and you saw him in the streets what would you do. He then ask me what would I do if that had happen to me, my answer did not please him. I told him that I will be honst with him, and would not lie to him. I then told him that if that happen to me, and I saw the person who killed my mother, I would go up to him and show him the love of Christ, and give him the gospel, because if God csan forgive me, when I have signed against him, then I must forgive as well. With that said Rolan found it hard to believe me and Jasmine, that he began to stop every person that came down the hall, and asked them the same question, wanting to see if they would say what he wanted them to say, to justify his own sins. When he asked them the question, I told them what my answer was, while giving them the gospel. It was a wonderful display of God using foolishness, to give his servants opportunities to minister the gospel to other souls.
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