Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on LaGuardia Coomunity College

Hey Everyone...whats's up? 

Well, Heaven! And all the host thereof... and the KING soon coming!!!! That's what's up!!!!  Just trying to keep my eyes on the PRIZE... if you know what I mean!

Well, guys this is an update on the things that are happening in our neck of the woods, better known as LaGuardia Community College. Since last semester we have been laboring on trying to get CCN official on campus... and it has been an up hill battle. So this is a praise report and prayer request section... We had to get a whole bunch of paper work filled out and sinatures from students, etc, etc... which was pretty easy to get done (praise the Lord!), then we had to look for a mentor for the club (a mentor has to be a person on staff in the colllege that would oversee the club's activities) and boy was that hard. Our dear sis Contessa battled along side us to try to get someone who would back up the club. We called, emailed, and basically harrassed a whole bunch of people to see if we can get someone and nothing... that is until the Lord stepped in and touched a ... get this... an ordained elder, a christian lady who is an elder in her church to help us out. Her name is Frances Tompkins, please keep her, her family and home church in prayer. She told me that after praying about this the Lord made her feel this was something she had to do....praise the Lord!!! Ok, so now we are supposed to have a meeting with at least 13 students and a representative of student life and have our elections to make the club official. Now there the challenge... getting 13 people together...sounds easy...oh but not in LaGuardia...being a commuter college an has proven to be very challenging...please pray for that meeting. 

In the mean time thugh as the new semester started the Lord placed it in our hearts to dive right into things. Last week we had an awesome time. Pilar and I went out and opened air preached in this lounge area. The place is perfect for this. All the smokers gather in this area that is in the open to puff on those cancer sticks. (I don't get it, people go out to get fresh air and to smoke a cigarette...duhh?!... I know they go out cause they cant smoke inside but sometimes it makes you think). Anyways, so we started to handout some money to money-hungry college students as they answered some trivia questions right. Then the big one, the "good person test" question came up and we were off. The Lord permitted us to preach to all the smokers there FOR A WHOLE HOUR!!! Praise the Lord!!!! We got the usual objector and the usual intolerant of free speech kinda guys but they heard the Gospel! Sometimes I think about those people that were listening in the peripheral areas. Those that seem not to have a reaction, those quiet listeners... I wonder what God does with His Word when they go home and think about the things preached? I wonder what kind of effect those it have on a Christian to see a young lady and a young man (eheem, yes I'm still young... next year I will be 30...thats when you stop counting...:)) standing up and preaching the Word of God? Does God move them to move out of their comforts zone too? I just wonder! 

Till next time...soon

Hector Sanchez
CCN LaGuardia